Decision Making in a Nuclear Middle East: Lessons from the Cold War

This book analyzes the implications of a nuclear Iran and Middle East by applying lessons from the Cold War. It takes a hard look at the assumed stability of the Cold War, the judgment of Soviet and American leaders, technology glitches, incidents and events that brought the superpowers closer to a nuclear exchange than they ever planned or expected. Of particular interest are the judgments, methods and processes used by those on the spot when false alarms raised fears that an adversary’s sneaky first strike was on its way. Analogies and analogical thinking come under close scrutiny to test presumed similarities between the Cold War and a future nuclear Middle East.

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Going Nuclear: The influence of history and hindsight on the Iranian nuclear negotiations

Going Nuclear reaches beyond the saga of the Iranian negotiations to discuss the influence of history and hindsight in other contexts, including technical analysis, decision making, leadership and business. The book contains numerous references and supplemental notes from psychology, intelligence analysis, military history and other fields. These provide the reader with many sources they can use for further study and understanding of the topics in this timely book.

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Going Nuclear

Informed Decision-Makers
and Other Myths and Fallacies

The purpose of Informed Decision-Makers and other myths and fallacies is to help leaders leverage the power, and understand the common limitations and pitfalls, of using information in decision-making. This is an important distinction in an environment rich with fine books and other content focusing on explaining how decisions are made. While insightful and interesting, they fall short of providing effective solutions and answering the proverbial – Now what?

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Informed Decision Makers
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